From Delicious S'mores Recipes to Mobile S'mores Vehicles

 - Aug 9, 2018
As the day that celebrates the treat is fast approaching on August 10th, these innovative s'mores recipe ideas will be sure to inspire you to tastefully engage in the festivities. Whether you are camping, snacking at work or cooking with a stove and oven, there is a bit of marshmallow goodness here for everyone.

Hershey's launches a campaign that is dedicated to National S'mores Day, granting access to a catalog of tasty recipe ideas that range from traditional-style campfire desserts to cakes, cookies, blondies and more. Of course, consumers can indulge in breakfast-inspired s'mores recipes with flavored cereals and blogger-inspired french toasts. From snacking on marshmallow-flavored Oreos to experiencing non-melting marshmallow cones, the s'mores recipes and treats are the ultimate summer indulgence.