Cracker Barrel is Now Serving a Decadent Campfire S'more Dessert

To round out its assortment of Campfire Meals—which includes corn, potatoes and other vegetables that are cooked and served in aluminum foil—Cracker Barrel recently expanded its offerings to include a Campfire S'more dessert.

The decadent campfire-inspired dessert features a graham cracker-based Hershey's chocolate brownie that is topped with a toasted marshmallow and a melted Hershey'c milk chocolate bar. On the side of the dessert dish is a single scoop of vanilla ice cream that is drizzled with Hershey's Special Dark Syrup.

The menu item is in line with a number of new releases across the restaurant industry that incorporate popular products from confectionery brands that will be irresistible to those with a sweet tooth and a desire to rediscover a favorite snack in a new way.