- May 27, 2017
Whether it is a low-cal treat or a protein-rich indulgence, the May 2017 food product trends reveal that the world of desserts is quickly changing. Instead of cutting out post-meal treats entirely, consumers are looking for healthier ways to satisfy their cravings.

While low-calorie and fat-free treats are nothing new, many of these desserts are getting a gourmet upgrade. Instead of tasting like bland versions of the real thing, new flavors and creative toppings are giving better-for-you desserts a whole new look. Some examples of these revamped treats include Müller's new whipped Greek yogurts with zero fat and ARCTIC ZERO's indulgent low-calorie ice creams.

Beyond better-for-you desserts, the May 2017 food product trends reveal that consumers are also turning to more nutrient-rich treats made with superfoods and other natural ingredients. These include options such as the nutrient-rich SAMBAZON Superfruit Acai Bites, the organic Barnana Organic Crunchy Banana Brittle and the dairy-free Coconut Collaborative Little Temptations.

From Decadent Fat-Free Yogurts to Acai Berry Sorbet Bites: