The FODY Food Co. Taco Seasoning is Low FODMAP-Certified

 - Apr 21, 2017
References: fodyfoods & trndmonitor
A considerable percentage of the global population lives with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), which has prompted the development of foods and products like the FODY Food Co. Taco Seasoning that won't cause issues. Certified Low FODMAP, the seasoning is free of onions, garlic and gluten to ensure that it's a flavorful way to enjoy the classic taste of Mexican cuisine.

Many digestive health problems are being more openly embraced by those who have them as well as brands who create food products. This is creating a stress-free experience for shoppers when heading into the grocery store to instantly identify what's suitable for their needs versus what just won't work.

The FODY Food Co. Taco Seasoning is also free of lactose and made with a bold blend of paprika, chili pepper and other spices.