- Aug 17, 2017
These remixed Hispanic food products put a fresh twist on tradition, and combine age-old recipes with unexpected ingredients. Millennial Hispanics are one of the largest consumer markets in North America, and are statistically drawn to products that reference their heritage -- most common among young parents who want to carry on cultural traditions alongside their children.

These CPG offerings, and QSR menu items range from culturally fueled fast food to health-conscious supermarket products that substitute traditional ingredients with natural spices and meat alternatives.

Standouts like Habit Burger Grill's Hatch Chile Charburger feature the famed Southwestern pepper, while The Loop's rainbow-hued churros will appeal to younger audiences seeking to indulge in an Instagram-friendly and authentic treat.

Other remixed Hispanic food products include nutritious examples like wheat-free bean pastas that target those with a gluten intolerance. Additionally healthy snack options like Sinfully Thin's Blue Corn Popcorn offer great taste with half the calories of similar products.

From Meatless Bean Sliders to Zesty Fast Food Soups: