Sinfully Thin Uses Blue Corn to Make This Healthy Popcorn Treat

 - Feb 23, 2016
References: store.openroadsnacks
There are many different types of colored corn out there in the world, including red, multi-colored and even blue corn. However, when it comes to popcorn, it hardly seems like there are options beyond corn that's white or yellow.

Open Road Snacks makes Sinfully Thin's Blue Corn Popcorn, a healthy alternative to many of the popped corn snacks that are currently available on the market. Aside from calling out its unique main ingredient, on the front of its snack bag, Sinfully Thin proudly notes that in this snack, there's "nothing artificial."

Beyond general health consciousness, Sinfully Thin's Blue Corn Popcorn is a great example of a product that satisfies a consumer's desire to know a little bit more about the origins of a food item.