- Sep 5, 2017
These hybrid snack innovations range from sushi ice cream burritos to cookie popcorn bites that fuse sweet and savory flavor notes seamlessly. When it comes to snackable menu items, standouts include Mr. Holmes Bakehouse's sushi-stuffed croissants, and a croissant donut hybrid from Goldeluck's Bakeshop which is topped with edible gold leaf.

These particular examples of hybrid snacks appeal to extreme foodies with an affinity for experimental flavor combinations. Additionally, the menu items are social media-friendly, featuring Instgrammable elements that are sure to garner attention from friends.

When it comes to pre-packaged snack options, standouts include Wal-Mart's exclusive 'Crotilla' offering which is inspired by New York City-based pastry chef Dominique Ansel's famed cronut creation. The croissant and tortilla hybrid is baked fresh in Walmart stores and is described as "a flaky flatbread fusion" that also features butter.

From Sushi Ice Cream Burritos to Cookie Popcorn Bites: