The 'Mufgel' is a Breakfast Food Mashup From Scot Rossillo at The Bagel Store

 - Aug 16, 2016
References: scotrossillo & mashable
Following the initial popularity of the cronut (a croissant and donut mixture) a few years ago, several combinatory culinary concoctions have emerged, including this muffin bagel mix.

Created by Scot Rossillo at The Bagel Store, the Mufgel is offered in a number of limited edition flavors, including the Fruity Pebble Mufgel with funfetti cream cheese, a bacon, egg and cheese pizza Mufgel, the chocolate chip crumb Mufgel and one with cannoli cream cheese.

This Brooklyn-based eatery is the same place that invented the rainbow bagel, which received considerable media attention. In addition to various rainbow bagel varieties and the muffin bagel hybrid, The Bagel Store also offers a funnel cake waffle bagel, churro flat bagel and the 'pookie' -- a pie crust and cookie combo.