From Donut-Topped Donuts to Pastry-Topped Coffees

 - Jun 4, 2016
These unique donut creations showcase how creative at-home and restaurant chefs are experimenting with new forms, flavors and fusions of the classic pastry treat.

Now that there have been many mile-high milkshakes and other over-the-top desserts that have gone viral online, there are chains that are making their own donut-integrated beverages. Examples of this include Cold Stone Creamery's Blueberry Donut Shake, as well as the 'Donutccino' that's served at NYC's Gossip Coffee.

Donuts are often first and foremost associated with sweetly glazed or chocolate-dipped flavors, but there are several savory varieties emerging that are filled with everything from spicy cheese and bone marrow to meat. Unique donut creations like these signal a shift in consumer preferences in response to sugar.