The Golden Cristal Ube Donut Creation Has a Price Tag of $100

 - Jan 7, 2016
References: manilasocialclub & foodiggity
The Golden Cristal Ube Donut is one of the most luxurious donut creations on the market, complete with an opulent 24-karate gold leaf decoration. The dessert is designed exclusively for the Manilla Social Club, an upscale Brooklyn-based dessert club. The dessert comes with a steep price tag of $100 a donut, making it a rich experience to enjoy.

Donuts are typically dollar desserts filled with simple creams and icing toppings at local coffee shops. The Golden Cirstal Ube Donut flips this notion entirely by transitioning the fried pastry into a status of luxe and opulence with a golden 24-karate icing and leaf design. The dessert is simple in design, but extravagant in ingredients making it a meal that is most likely shared amongst several foodies for status purposes more so than for filling.