- May 13, 2017
Edible gold leaf is often used to add a lavish touch to high-end cakes and other bite-sized confections, but it is also now being used to elevate inexpensive foods like ramen noodle bowls, pizza and ice cream cones.

While some are choosing to use gold leaf powder as sparingly as possible to add a premium touch to a dish, others are using entire sheets of gold leaf foil to cover everything from donuts and sushi rolls to dumplings.

With the integration of gold leaf as an edible ingredient, the prices of ordinary food items skyrocket. For instance, the Tobu Ikebukuro Department Store sells its Oma Honmaguro Roll for $200, while the Frida at Grand Velas Los Cabos Resort serves its decadent gold leaf-topped taco for a high price of $25,000.

From Luxe Gilded Donuts to Gold-Plated Sushi Rolls: