The BULGARI Il Cioccolato Specialty Chocolate Shop Offers Elegant Treats

 - Apr 13, 2017
References: bulgarihotels & en.rocketnews24
Located in the Bulgar Ginza Tower in Tokyo, the BULGARI Il Cioccolato specialty chocolate shop is celebrating Easter this year with a high-fashion treat for shoppers to enjoy. The Uovo di Pasqua chocolate egg, which translates literally to "Easter egg," is a limited edition treat from the shop that features a premium dessert that's finished with gold leaf.

Easter isn't a holiday that is traditionally observed in Japan, but has seen a number of brands getting involved over the years to offer consumers in the Asian country a taste of the springtime tradition.

The Uovo di Pasqua from the BULGARI Il Cioccolato specialty chocolate shop comes as a high-end Easter product for shoppers to enjoy that is limited to just 50 being sold between the Ginza Tower location and the Matsuya Ginza department store.