From Solid Cheese Eggs to Vegetarian Ham Roasts

 - Mar 26, 2018
If the giant bunny who lays chocolate eggs isn't evidence enough, Easter celebrations are pretty weird to begin with, so these odd Easter treats make some semblance of sense in context. Whether it's interesting takes on more traditional Easter fare like chocolate eggs or completely unique holiday concoctions, the Easter food here is sure to surprise.

The most noteworthy of the products here are those that stray entirely from molding chocolate into egg shapes. For example, there's no need to be limited by chocolate as a medium. 'So Wrong It's Nom' released an Easter egg made entirely out of cheese to represent the savory side of the fondue combination. 'The Crust Bros.', a pizzeria, also looked to expand on what's possible with Easter eggs, creating a pie topped with halved Cadbury Creme Eggs.