Dr. Coy's Healthy Chocolate Eggs Feature Low GI "Tooth-Friendly Sugars"

 - Mar 25, 2017
References: drcoys.ie & irishtimes
Most chocolate Easter eggs and other confections that are released for this springtime holiday are notorious for being laden with sugar and other unhealthy additives, but Dr. Coy's is setting itself apart as a producer of healthy chocolate eggs. In fact, the Easter treats are called 'Nutritional Chocolate Eggs.'

A pack of Nutritional Chocolate Eggs contains 12 solid, colorfully wrapped egg shapes that are made with a base of 85% Belgian chocolate and a total of flavors that includes Orange, Raspberry Crisp and Mint Crisp. These gluten-free chocolate eggs boast a high amount of Vitamin E and fiber, and promise "no sugar spikes" because they include "low-glycemic, tooth-friendly sugars" like isomaltulose and galactose.

Outside of Easter, Dr. Coy's also offers products like chocolate bars, chocolate-covered almonds and other confections with a similar focus on health.