From Cappuccino Vape Juices to Prepackaged QSR Coffees

 - Aug 3, 2017
These espresso innovations show that consumers' obsession with unique coffee-flavored goods isn't slowing down any time soon, and that brands are responding in diverse ways to maintain their interest as a result.

In addition to the many creative menu items that QSRs and independent shops have added to ignite excitement, other brands like Lavazza have been focused on making it easier for consumers to get their coffee fix at home. Founded in 1895, the brand has long been celebrated for the rich flavors that its range of products offer, however it was just recently that it modernized to suit those who prefer to use at-home espresso machines.

One particularly unconventional espresso innovation that's featured in this cluster are the chocolate Easter treats from Karvan Coffee. Instead of using traditional espresso cups, the cafe served its patrons their order in hollowed out chocolate eggs, making for a sweet and creamy energy booster.