Cafe Alfred Coffee is Serving Hot Espresso in Edible Waffle Mugs

 - May 20, 2016
References: alfredcoffee & eater
Alfred Coffee is a cafe that is serving its hot espresso beverages inside edible cups made out of fried waffle cones. The drink's presentation allows consumers to eat the dishware to offer a waste-free way to enjoy the beverage.

Rather than opting for paper cups, Alfred Coffee offers the option of having its caffeinated drinks served in a specially designed waffle cup. The cup is small, and fits a tinier drink portion inside a flat-bottomed cone coated in chocolate. While the coffee poured inside the waffle cup is pipping hot, the drink should be consumed quickly in order to prevent the edible cup from dissolving from the heat.

The edible packaging allows consumers to enjoy staple beverages in an exciting and new format that elevates the mundane coffee drinking ritual to become a new experience.