From Art Deco Alcohol Packaging to Cucumber Courier Campaigns

 - Jul 30, 2016
From wine-centric amusement parks to temporary patriotic beer rebrands, the top June 2016 drinking ideas cover a range of packaging, branding and advertising concepts that speak to the evolving consumer expectations in the alcohol industry.

In a unique summer-themed publicity stunt, Budweiser has temporarily changed the name of its titular beer to 'America.' The patriotic campaign will see the America-branded cans available through the 2016 Presidential election in November.

Separately, it was recently announced that France will be getting a theme park entirely dedicated to wine and its many variations. To be called 'La Cite Du Vin,' aka the City of Wine, the wine-themed amusement park is located in Bordeaux, France and was designed by England-based design experts Casson Mann and Parisian architects XTU.