This Celery Gimlet Offers a Healthier Alternative to Sugary Drinks

 - May 12, 2016
References: shutterbean
Consumers seeking a healthier drinking alternative to sugary alcoholic beverages can opt for this vegetable-based cocktail by Shutter Bean known as a Celery Gimlet that contains healthy celery juice. The cocktail is primarily vegetable juice based with a sweet flavor that is light and refreshing for the summer season. The celery juice is made from scratch as well, eliminating any use of preservatives or artificial flavors.

While the Celery Gimlet contains a vegetable as its primary ingredient, the juice of the celery is turned sugary by infusing the flavor into a simple syrup. The syrup is combined with more freshly squeezed celery juice, lime, salt and gin to create a refreshingly light and subtly sweet cocktail with a pale green hue.

The drink be enjoyed by consumers seeking a significantly less sugary beverage made from wholesome ingredients to enjoy during the summer.