From Pre-Mixed Rum Cans to Edible Cocktail Kits

 - Dec 24, 2016
Whether it is various unique liquors, pre-mixed cocktail products or tools and gadgets that can enhance the cocktail-drinking experience, these gifts for cocktail enthusiasts will likely be a hit.

Known for its rum, the brand 'Malibu' is now offering pre-packaged rum drinks in cans. The drinks come in a variety of fruity flavors, with everything from strawberry kiwi, lemonade, mango and pear, to cola and diet cola being offered.

The UK-based chocolatier 'Choc on Choc' offers an extremely unique cocktail set for consumers. The set comes in a wooden box with a bottle of gin, a can of tonic water and lemon wedges -- but the catch is that they are all made from chocolate. The cocktail-themed chocolates come with flavor notes of gin.