This Company is Producing the World's First Farm-to-Bottle Sweet Potato Vodka

For those who are interested in unconventional spirits, Corbin is now selling the world's first farm-to-bottle sweet potato vodka. Unlike traditional vodka, this spirit has a distinct aroma and creamy texture that makes it perfect for any cocktail.

The 'Estate Grown' Sweet Potato Vodka is a unconventional spirit developed by fourth generation farmer David John Souza. Souza set out to change the vodka industry by producing a farm-to-table vodka made from the family's yearly sweet potato harvest. These potatoes are 100 percent estate-grown with water from the farm's natural aquifers. The end result is a unique spirit that has a rich cocoa aroma, a creamy texture and a buttery smooth finish. The taste is neutral enough for cocktails, while also being smooth enough to enjoy on the rocks.

The artisanal vodka is perfect for consumers who are looking for a unique way to prepare their favorite cocktails.