From Sparkling Elderflower Drinks to Experimental Coffee Shops

 - Feb 27, 2016
The February 2016 drinking trends reveal that consumers are not only experimenting with what they are drinking, but they are also enjoying their favorite beverages in new and unexpected ways. From craft sodas to experimental cafes, there is a growing interest in many different aspects of the drinking experience.

One of the most significant innovations in the beverage industry is the rise of healthy beverages that provide an alternative to sugary sodas and calorie-rich energy drinks. These drinks also accommodate the needs of those with dietary restrictions who may be unable to consume ingredients such as dairy or gluten. Some examples of these alternative beverages include soy protein shakes, nut juice hybrids and hop-infused waters.

The February 2016 drinking trends reveal that consumers are also interested in new drinking experiences. One example is the Aperol Beach Club pop-up bar, which provides a multi-sensory drinking experience. Another example is an experimental cafe called Supercrown Coffee Roasters, which offers specialty drinks made from premium coffee beans.