This Hangover-Free Alcohol Was Invented In North Korea

 - Jan 26, 2016
References: & gizmodo
The North Korean government has long been known to be extremely secretive and make pretty bombastic claims, but this particular one is pretty intriguing -- the isolated country's scientists have reportedly invented the holy grail of drinkers everywhere, hangover-free alcohol.

Koryo Liquor is made largely out of ginsent and glutinous rice. Ginseng has long been known to have some hangover-curing properties and has previously been shown to be superior to water when it comes to combating hangover symptoms, thanks largely due to its specific effects on the metabolism of alcohol in the body.

If Koryo Liquir does in fact work as claimed, it could prove to be revolutionary and a lifesaver for people suffering from those wretched Sunday morning hangovers.