- Aug 3, 2017
From collagen-distilled gins armed with anti-aging properties to non-alcoholic gin-inspired elixirs, these innovative gin experiences highlight the spirit's new place as the of-the-moment alcohol after bourbon.

In London, Hayman's and B Bakery have partnered up to offer a series of sushi-themed gin tastings designed to highlight Japan-inspired cocktails and pastry pairings that push the envelope in terms of flavor pairings.

Separately, Isle of Harris Gin is a small batch spirit that is infused with sugar kelp. The artisanal product is just one example of the wide variety of experimental gins emerging that see unconventional infusions or distillation processes that at times even target specific consumer ailments, such as the case with Collagin, or in the interest of offsetting the affects of over-drinking with proactive anti-hangover elements.

From Citrusy Gin Yogurts to Sushi-Themed Gin Tastings: