The Packaging for 'Persie Gin' Plays on the Interplay of Taste and Smell

While many beverage brands focus on taste as the main selling feature, The UK-based brand Persie Gin places the emphasis squarely on smell. By creating gins that are designed to stimulate the consumer's sense of smell from the moment they pick up the bottle, Persie Gin sets itself apart from other spirit brands.

Persie Gin is small-bath gin made from pure glen water and distilled in 230-liter copper pot stills. There are three different varieties and each is made with an expertly selected blend of botanicals that "evoke an emotive and comforting scent." These aromatic combinations are referenced through the gin's packaging, which uses large swaths of color to allude to the tantalizing smells inside. The packaging also includes the phrase "We Nose Our Gin" on the outside to reference the strong emphasis placed on scent and aroma.