- Apr 17, 2017
These premium alcohol innovations range from aromatherapy cocktail blends to academic whiskey tastings. The latter, Jameson's Academy Experience, consists of both an exclusive whiskey tasting and warehouse visit and is designed to help turn drinkers into knowledgable connoisseurs.

Other premium alcohol experiences to take note of include gin-themed boutique hotels like The Distillery -- located in London's Notting Hill neighbourhood -- along with Grey Goose's sky-high mixology experience. The brand's Memorial Day event invited vodka lovers to participate in an interactive cocktail-making session while on board a Blade helicopter.

When it comes to premium spirits that are challenging tradition, standouts include Christmas pie-flavored spirits, citrus craft tequilas and light cocktail blends that are served in edible bubble form. Furthermore, innovations like portable mixology kits, fashion-branded mini bars and even artisanal drink garnishes all target lovers of luxury while further illustrating how a love of fine beverages is an extension of consumers' lifestyles.

From Aromatherapy Cocktail Blends to Academic Whisky Tastings: