'Anti-AGin' from Bompas & Parr Boasts Age-Defying Botanical Ingredients

There are plenty of anti-aging beverages on the market that promise to restore youth and vitality, but Bompas & Parr is expanding the options available with its anti-aging gin drink.

The 'Anti-AGin' is made with age-defying botanical ingredients that are said to play a part in rejuvenating the skin while drinking. Some of the powerful anti-aging ingredients in the beverage include drinkable collagen, nettle, Gotu Kola, chamomile, witch hazel oil and burdock. Bompas & Parr goes as far as to call this drink "the alcoholic equivalent of a facial."

Knowing that few consumers are willing to give up their favorite indulgent drinks purely for the sake of their health, these kinds of beverages are being reworked with healthier ingredient infusions.