From Selfie-Taking Soda Bottles to Levitating Cloud Speakers

 - Jan 28, 2017
Even by the standards of someone from just a few years in the past, the 2016 tech trends would seem ridiculously futuristic. Technologies that as recently as five years ago were in their most nascent stages have become full-fledged trends over the past year, with competitive industries arising to capitalize on them.

Transportation is one of the areas that has benefited the most from technological advancements recently. As public interest in sustainability and ecologically friendly transport has risen, designers and inventors have found ways to satisfy these desires. One interesting example is the Electron Wheel, which can convert any bicycle into an e-bike, helping riders to go further on their bicycles without having to burn harmful fuel.

Interestingly, another 2016 tech trend has been in the field of fitness. Though, in theory, fitness is all about simply using and moving one's body, wearables and other devices have arisen to help people measure their fitness activities with more precision.

As our FREE 2017 Trend Report shows, these trends show no signs of abating in the future.