The 'LUME' Lighting Solution Provides Natural Illumination

 - Sep 26, 2016
References: yankodesign
The modern living space is packed full of technology, so the 'LUME' lighting solution looks to enable a touch of nature to be infused back in.

The 'LUME' conceptual lamp features a bioluminescent plant on the interior of the glass compartment that will glow to provide soothing illumination that doesn't require a bulb.

The 'LUME' connects to a user's smartphone to let them know if the moisture, light and soil levels are up to par to ensure the plant is enabled to thrive. The plant container device would enable consumers young and old to maintain a sense of wellness in their home, while also allowing for a bit of natural illumination.

The 'LUME' lighting solution is the design work of Christopher Kötting and Lukas Uhlitz.