This Bank-Breaking Phone Bumper Gives Your iPhone Ultimate Protection

Created for the iPhone 6 and 6s models, this exuberant phone bumper promotes a high tech and futuristic aesthetic while utilizing the finest materials and displaying revolutionary design.

While most phone bumpers are made of quality materials to ensure no damage comes to your phone, this game-changing phone case is constructed out of Grade 5 Titanium. This material is popularly used in the aerospace and Formula 1 industry. It is reported to be two and a half times stronger than stainless steel but at half its weight. The bumper is finished off with a mechanically sculpted surface which brings a seductive texture to the phone protector while also giving it a superior and unique dimension.

A phone bumper this high-end does come with a very high price tag. If you're to give your phone the utmost protection, expect to pay $1000 for this case.