From Vivid Candy Clutches to Shattered Glass Manicures

 - May 12, 2017
This collection highlights a rise in interest in holographic products.

Holographic aspects appear throughout these products (take the iridescent backpack, for example) or as a highlighting detail (best displayed on the leather 'Nike' sneakers). The flashy, futuristic aesthetic of holographic products appeals well to Millennial and Gen Z consumers who are looking to express their individuality in a bold way. While this colorway may not be very wearable for an everyday look, when displayed on a blank canvas (like fresh, clean skin with prismatic makeup or an all black outfit with holographic sneakers) these holographic details pop and draw the eye in.

These products are intentionally attention-grabbing and bold. Younger generations want to be known for their diversity and individuality there is no better way to catch someone's attention than with light-reflecting accessories or makeup.