These Unique Makeup Brushes Come in the Moda 'Face Perfecting Kit'

The Moda Prismatic Face Perfecting Kit includes a set of four unique makeup brushes that are shaped in a way that naturally fits the contours of one's face. These brushes are also formulated with bristles that promise to maximize the amount of makeup that ends up on one's face, rather than being absorbed by the brush. This means that the brushes boast the ability to seamlessly blend cream and liquid products, especially as an alternative to beauty sponges and other popular cosmetic blending products.

As well as boasting unusual oval-shaped heads, the brushes stand out for their unconventional palette of gradients in fuchsia, purple, green and teal.

While most luxurious oval makeup brushes come with a high cost, the unique makeup brushes in this affordable set are available for less than five dollars each.