- Aug 29, 2017
These Disney-inspired beauty products range from fantasy princess fragrances to extensive makeup palettes that draw inspiration from the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise. Lorac's pirate-themed makeup collection consists of a pro eyeshadow palette, equipped with 18 mystical shades, as well as a lipstick and gloss duo, and a chic blush kit.

Like the brand's pirate-inspired range, its Beauty and the Beast makeup kit was another bestseller targeting adult fans of the popular cinematic release. Both kits were not only marketed as high quality and practical makeup kits but also featured exclusive branding with a fairytale feel.

Rose-shaped makeup brushes, cinematic nail polish lines, and monster-themed lip balms round off this list and illustrate the ageless appeal of animated films many Millennials grew up with.

From Fantasy Princess Fragrances to Pirate-Themed Face Palettes: