From Charitable Phone-Charging Cases to Minuscule Camera Adapters

 - Jan 28, 2017
As smartphones evolve, the accessories that go along with them do too, which these 2016 mobile trends demonstrate.

A slew of innovative cases arrived with the highly anticipated iPhone 7, as well as a few products to combat some of its major changes. In addition to Apple's adapters that allowed consumers to keep using their traditional headphones, a number of products that prevent the futuristic AirPods from getting lost also surfaced.

For those who find themselves constantly striving to take the perfect selfie, there's the 'Ty-Lite,' an illuminated phone case that was designed by Beyoncé's stylist, Ty Hunter. Small add-ons have become more widely available too, with miniature projectors and professional camera lenses able to clip-on to one's device.

In light of the Galaxy Note 7's unfortunate fate, creatives designed parody products in memory of its literal explosiveness, an example that's found within these 2016 mobile trends being the damaged battery iPhone case from UNIQFIND.

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