The Ampware Phone Case Allows Users to Charge Their Phone by Hand

 - Jan 19, 2016
References: getampware & uncrate
The Hand Crank iPhone Case from 'Ampware' is a unique device that allows users to charge their phone by hand. While it seems that most of our products are becoming increasingly digital, this handy smartphone case relies on a very old form of technology.

The latest phone case from Ampware features a unusual design that allows users to charge their smartphone on the go. The case is equipped with a small generator and a pop-up hand crank that can be used to juice up the battery. Just five minutes of cranking can give users up to an hour of regular use or up to five hours of standby use. When the crank is not in use, it sits flush with the phone case to provide maximum protection.

While the technology may be old school, it provides a simple way to stay connected in the digital age.