- Jan 29, 2017
The 2016 gadget trends show the diversity of what technology is capable of today. As attendees of our annual innovation conference have seen, technological gadgets are used in a variety of fields to increase efficiency, speed, and fun.

Wearable devices are among the most popular 2016 gadget trends. Beyond smartwatches, there are wearable devices suited for a variety of tasks. For instance, 'Glucowear' is a stylish wristband that helps diabetics monitor their glucose levels, and the 'Lucid Dreamer' is a sleep wearable purported to engender lucid dreams from its wearer.

Plenty of gadgets have also emerged to improve the king of the gadget world: the smartphone. Snooperscope is a smartphone camera add-on that turns regular cameras into night vision viewers, while the Insta360 Nano extension turns iPhone's cameras into 360-degree video recorders. There are also countless devices that turn smartphones into virtual reality headsets.

From Portable Lunchbox Ovens to Underwater Drone Concepts: