GlareSmile Claims to be the First Automatic Toothbrush

 - Jun 22, 2016
References: glaresmile & kickstarter
Gone are the days of standing in the bathroom and brushing your teeth for two minutes to adequately clean them, thanks to this new automatic toothbrush.

The 'GlareSmile' hopes to be the beginning of the "oral health revolution" due to its ability to clean teeth completely in only 10 seconds. The automatic toothbrush comes with a cupped exterior that contains three rotating brushes that clean teeth from back to front thoroughly, taking out the manual requisite that other toothbrushes have. The toothbrush is suitable for all ages, tooth conditions and even dental prostheses. In addition to being highly skilled in cleaning every part of the tooth, these brushes come with a touchscreen display, are made from recyclable materials and contain a UV LED for bacteria disinfection.

These multipurpose and thorough automatic toothbrushes will transform this important hygiene step and make it even more efficient.