- Jan 29, 2017
Undergoing a new venture is a testament to the bravery of business owners and their willingness to take risks on fresh terrain, and the 2016 new venture trends show this bravery firsthand. Whether it's a small business or a multimillion dollar organization, many companies have explored novel ideas and had positive results.

One of the most common areas for 2016 new ventures was offering subscription products and services. Logistics have been bolstered by machine learning (for software) and drones (for hardware) to make delivery easier and more efficient than ever before. There are literally scores of examples, but Farm to Fork's made-to-order organic meals and Linen Crate's decor deliveries being two notable ventures.

As presentations at our annual innovation conference have argued, machines are slated to take over many jobs in the future. Some new ventures in surprising areas are embracing the future now, however. Zume Pizza's pies are made with the help of industrial robots, and the same can be said of the burgers from Momentum Machine's San Francisco joint.

From Custom Wedding Dress Deliveries to Excrement-Themed Cafes: