The Veemo Bike Share Service Would Cost About $0.20 Per Minute

 - Feb 16, 2016
References: velometro & gizmag
The share economy is showing little sign of slowing down, which the Veemo bike share service highlights perfectly. The Vancouver-based Veemo service would enable users to rent a velomobile -- a three-wheeled vehicle that's pedal-powered -- for however long they need. With current estimations, the Veemo service would cost users about $0.20 per minute, which enables fantastic cost-savings for short trips.

One of the issues with bike sharing is that the service become almost obsolete in inclement weather. Those that don't have a driver's license can't opt for car rentals or car sharing, so the Veemo bike share service is designed to help solve this. The enclosed design of the Veemo velomobile is essentially a pedal-powered e-bike/car hybrid that would reach 20mph at top speed.