From Connective Carpooling Apps to Commuter Safety Devices

 - Jul 23, 2016
Square-shaped skateboards, solar car-sharing projects and anti-theft smart bikes are a few of the innovative concepts to emerge from the top July 2016 commuting ideas.

Since commuting can consume a significant amount of a person's time each day, there have been several initiatives introduced to make the time spent waiting for transportation to arrive more useful. For instance, Tokyo Metro set up a series of subway workstations, Reebok turned bus shelters into outdoor gyms and Domino's UK now makes deliveries to people who are waiting along a bus route.

A few of these innovative ideas also reflect that there's more attention being put into the care and safety of female commuters. Japan's subway system now has a pink light system that makes sure expectant mothers get a seat on crowded cars. There is also a new female-only ridesharing service called 'See Jane Go' that connects female passengers with female drivers.