This Smart Helmet Ensures the Safety of Avid Bikers

 - Jun 25, 2016
References: kickstarter & treehugger
These smart bike helmets perform many of the same safety functions that cars do.

These 'Classon' unisex helmets come in a small variety of colors but have a large variety of functions. They include features such as turn signals that are activated by arm gestures, brake lights that automatically turn on when the rider is slowing down and front and rear cameras for insurance and safety purposes -- or just to live-stream the bike ride. The helmets also warn the rider when there are cars approaching by blinking a light that they can see in their peripheral vision. The smart bike helmet can connect via Bluetooth or WiFi and is accompanied by an app that stores and provides information about the bike ride.

This connected bike helmet is a step in the right direction when it comes to bike safety and ensuring that both cars and bikes are paying attention to their surroundings.