From Serene Underwater Ads to Upcycled Ocean Trash Sneakers

 - Aug 5, 2016
The mystery of the ocean and bodies of water can be seen in a plethora of aquatic-based concepts. For example, 'Tribord,' the makers of an innovative snorkeling mask called 'Easybreath,' used the beauty of both the ocean and earth to create a mermaid-like commercial that evokes awe and curiosity. The company not only sold products for underwater exploration, it also used the mystique of the aquatic to highlight its snorkeling mask.

On the other hand, adidas used an aquatic-based idea in a totally different way from Tribord. The company created an upcycled prototype sneaker created solely from oceanic trash -- specifically illegal gillnets that polluted the ocean. The recycled material would be a sustainable way to develop the company's products and coincides with the growing eco-friendly consumer trend.

Inspirations from the deep blue are seen across industries. Whether its in interior design, consumer experiences, photography or simply functional products, the power of the aquatic is identifiable and tacit.