Ibiza's Hard Rock Hotel Hosted a Samsung Gear VR Gastronomy Experience

 - Dec 9, 2015
References: luxurylaunches
In an attempt to appeal to tech-savvy millennials, the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza recently hosted a unique hotel dinner that was accompanied by a virtual reality experience. Equipped with Samsung Gear VR headsets, diners got to experience the artistry and process behind their favorite meals.

The gastronomy experience was titled 'Sublimotion,' and featured immersive courses that centered around seafood and international flavors. While the evening's seafood let diners experience a virtual ocean with floating shellfish, the rest of their meal was spent travelling destinations like Peru and learning about traditional food cultivation methods and flavors.

Embracing the popularity of experiential dining fads, the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza transformed a traditional hotel dinner into an event guests won't soon forget.