- Jan 28, 2017
With everything from hyper-connected hotels to those throwing it back to more retro inspirations, 2016 hotel trends have been nothing if not diverse. Some of the more prominent themes that popped up this year were the prevalence of themed hotels, as well as converted hotel or hostel spaces.

'The Distillery' is just one example of a hotel that revolves around a very particular theme – and in this case that theme is gin. The hotel features everything from a gin museum and bars, to a 'Ginstitute' where visitors can learn how to make their own cocktails.

Converted hotel spaces were another prominent theme in 2016, and are important due to their cost-efficiency and their lessened impact on the environment in comparison to most other hotels. The 'Ccasa Hotel' is an example of this, as the Vietnamese-based space was created using reclaimed shipping containers.

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From Gin-Themed Hotels to Hostels Made from Shipping Containers: