Generator Offers Beautiful Boutique Hostels for Low Nightly Prices

 - Oct 18, 2016
References: generatorhostels & fastcodesign
Hostels have long been the only feasible option for backpackers making their way through Europe on a budget, and Generator is a company devoted to making that overnight experience less dismal than in years past.

Though backpackers aren't usually the type to be picky, hostels have a certain reputation for their lowly living conditions. After all, with the inexpensive nightly rates often come with issues of cleanliness and lack of comfort. Generator, however, is dedicated to offering "designer hostels" that look like boutique hotels but still offer low nightly rates.

Generator is a British company, and it currently has boutique hostels located throughout Europe. The company is planning to expand to North America in the future, with a Miami outpost on the way and more cities in the works.