- May 12, 2017
These authentic marketing innovations range from progressive Boomer magazines to influencer-hosted travel shows -- exploring everything from traveling on a budget to vacationing with young kids in tow.

Whether targeting Millennials or the socially conscious Generation Z, marketers are constantly rethinking their messaging to appear more honest, raw and authentic. In addition to replacing traditional models with social media influencers or real people -- offering a more realistic version of attainable beauty -- fashion, and makeup brands along with major retailers are realizing that being relatable is key when appealing to modern consumers. A standout, Nordstrom achieves this with its 'You First' campaign. The campaign features local Toronto-based celebrities and drives home a message of customer appreciation.

Additional examples to take note of include Cadbury's bubble wrap brand activation which invites visitors young and old to unwind in a sensory way. Furthermore, MTV's recent Snapchat-based Sex Ed program is accessible to social media users and aims to promote open communication among teens.

From Progressive Boomer Magazines to Influencer Travel Shows: