Lola Lik is an Ideas Hub Bringing Locals and Refugees Together

 - Feb 1, 2017
References: & springwise
While other innovation accelerators focus on disadvantaged demographics like developing countries or female empowerment, this ideas hub encourages Dutch locals and refugees to work together. Located in a recently closed, repurposed prison (Bijlmerbajes) in Amsterdam, business incubator and cultural center Lola Lik is next door to the Wenckebachweg refugee center.

In addition to social entrepreneurs, vocational trainers, event planners and craftsmen, artists are helping refugees integrate into society through education, entrepreneurship and work opportunities. So far, the ideas hub has produced everything from a public restaurant to a language school, and kickboxing space.

This is not only an example of how cities can accelerate the integration of refugees, but also how to alleviate housing issues for creative citizens.