From Crowdsourced Security Apps to Robotic Life Preservers

 - Feb 9, 2016
As the Syrian refugee crisis continues to intensify, there is a growing demand for aid initiatives that meet the needs of asylum seekers. Whether it is helping refugees make their journey to safety or helping them gain new skills once they arrive, there are a number of organizations working on ways to support those who are forced to flee their home.

For many refugees, simply leaving their home is the most difficult part of their journey. For instance, many Syrian refugees have made the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean sea in order to reach the shores of Europe. To reduce the amount of lives lost during these journeys, organizations have come up with robotic flotation devices that save stranded swimmers, as well as wearable dwellings that provide temporary shelter to those on the shore.

For those refugees that have already settled abroad, there are a number of aid initiatives aimed at helping them start over. One example is a coding program that teaches employable skills. Another example is a tuition-free university that helps migrants build on existing credentials and earn new degrees.