Ikea is Designing Extensively Equipped Syrian Refugee Shelters

 - Nov 28, 2015
References: bettershelter.org & refinery29
Ikea is doing their part by getting their Better Shelter foundation involved with Syrian refugee shelters. They are applying their mode of furniture assembly to temporary housing in an effort to help recently landed refugees, specifically those arriving in Switzerland, Sweden and Germany.

The Ikea Better Shelters are 57 square feet, which gives inhabitants twice as much room as the standard tends typically used in Syrian refugee shelters. The steel shelters come equipped with lights, mosquito nets, ventilation and windows. They also have lockable doors "to keep women and children safe from sexual violence," which is reportedly a significant issue within refugee camps.

The UNHCR also ordered 100,000 of these shelters. Ikea has contributed financially to the United Nations organization as well.