From Clean Water Vending Machines to Non-Profit Grocery Shops

 - Jan 23, 2016
The top 2015 chairty trends serve as a reminder that not everyone is able to meet their basic needs. For millions of people around the world, access to safe water, nutricious food and permanent housing is hard to come by. As a result, there are numerous charities working to ensure that no one is forced to go without these necessities.

One of the most pressing concerns in urban areas is access to affordable housing. From New York to New Delhi, charitable organizations are working to come up with ways to house rapidly expanding populations. These solutions include innovative projects such as stackable apartment buildings, portable winter shelters and homeless-accommodating additions.

Beyond basic housing, access to food and water are other pressing concerns. In rural areas, some charities have turned to new technology to install items such as off-grid water kiosks and clean water vending machines. In urban areas, non-profit organizations are solving food insecurity with initiatives such as low-cost food shops and food waste donation apps.

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