The Rootswitch Donation Button Helps Homeowners Heat Others' Homes

 - Apr 6, 2015
References: creativecriminals
Most people are happy to open their hearts and wallets to aid others, but it often takes a donation button in your face to be cognisant of others in need. As an organization that looks after elderly Holocaust survivors who can't afford to heat their own homes, Shorashim realized this and decided to use it to their advantage.

With help from the McCann, Tel Aviv, the RootSwitch was created. This mountable donation button is means to be placed next to an existing home heating panel, so that every time a homeowner goes to adjust it, they are reminded of others in need of aid. The donation button is connected to a Wi-Fi system, which sends heating to the elderly when pressed.

With so many organizations in need of aid, this is a clever way to link a consumer's own habits with an action that someone less fortunate may not be able to perform.